RT Elements + Brainiact Partnership

RT Elements + Brainiact Partnership

At rt elements, we’re committed to innovation. This is why our decision to become a partner
with Brainiact was simple. Brainiact are a new and revolutionary marketing platform that
provides small to medium-sized businesses with expert strategic advice that will see them thrive.

As a small business, we recognise the difficulties that come with running a new company. We
understand that marketing can be hard, especially when you lack the funds to hire a strategic
marketing team. That’s where Brainiact can help. Brainiact are an online website that is based on
an affordable monthly subscription model. Members have access to unrivalled marketing advice
and consultancy, allowing them to create a marketing strategy that will boost their business’s
profile. Their easy-to-use platform ensures that expert information is at your fingertips!

At rt elements, we know all about the importance of having an effective and creative marketing
strategy. With a passion for helping make people’s ideas come to life, we are delighted to
support Brainiact and help Australian businesses thrive.

‘Small businesses are what keeps Australia unique, interesting and prospering. We are ecstatic that we have been given the
opportunity to help others achieve their business goals,’

says Randy T., owner of rt elements.

‘Brainiact’s innovative platform and expert advice make them a dangerous tool that small to
medium-sized businesses can utilise against their larger competition. Any member of Brainiact
will benefit from using their services.’

Brainiact are revolutionising the marketing arena and are giving Australian businesses
confidence to develop a marketing strategy that will see their company thrive. We are thrilled to
collaborate with Brainiact and we’re proud to offer their members exclusive rates and packages.
Brainiact are pioneering the future of marketing and we are excited to be part of their team. To
find out more about what Brainiact can do for your business, visit their website

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